Shae Gossman Recruitment Resources Profile

Shae Gossmann

Recruitment Resourcer

Tel: 0161 464 8551


Find out more about Square Peg Associates Talent Sourcer, Shae Gossmann.

Q: Tell us about your background.

After leaving school, I decided to study marketing, communication, and media studies where I graduated with a distinction. I’ve come to learn that marketing is about creating experiences, solving problems, and adding value to people’s lives. Communication, likewise, is about fostering understanding, building trust and relationships that go beyond the transactional. This led to me becoming a customer relationship specialist, which led to me developing a deep passion for people. Now being in the recruitment space, I thrive from building connections, inspiring action, and driving positive change.

Q: What do you love about the role at Square Peg?

I love the approach that Square Peg Associates has with their clients and candidates. Their sociable and friendly approach and culture really resonates with who I am. I also love the team and support at the agency, along with Suzanne’s recruitment experience and motivating attitude, there is so much room to grow and learn!

Q: Give me an interesting fact about yourself?

Sometimes I laugh on mute. It is the strangest thing!

Q: Three words to describe you

Friendly, proactive and passionate.

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