Harrison Foster Business Development Manager Profile

Harrison Foster

Business Development Manager

Tel: 0161 464 8551

Email: harrison@squarepegassociates.co.uk

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Q: Tell us about your background.

My professional career has been focused mainly within the areas of business development and recruitment consultancy. I have extensive business development experience in the financial services sector. This experience naturally led me into directing my efforts into to delivering thorough talent sourcing services for clients in finance and accountancy, which lends itself extremely well to our Square Peg Associate’s finance recruitment services.

Q: What do you love about the role at Square Peg?

As business development manager at Square Peg, my position grants me the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional business leaders in our targeted regions. I find satisfaction in establishing connections with new business owners, delving into their recruitment challenges, and identifying ways to enhance their current processes.

Q: Give me an interesting fact about yourself?

Rubik’s cubes, Juggling, Puzzles. They’re all my thing, but my standout is reciting the alphabet… backwards. It never fails to draw a crowd.

Q: Three words to describe you

Friendly, Passionate and Methodical

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